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JAN 17, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Cream Puff Day

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Cream puffs actually have their own special celebratory day. You may be surprised to learn that legend actually dates these seemingly modern treats back as early as the 16th century, when the de Medici family’s chef first had the notion to bake puffed shells for Henry II of France. Due to their truly sinful nature, these tasty delights soon became popular throughout Europe and around the world. “Cream puffs” have appeared on US restaurant menus under that very name since about 1851.
Cream Puff Day is celebrated by simply making cream puffs. Flour is mixed with butter and water. The concoction is then boiled and these balls are rounded and given a hollow centre. Afterwards, these “puffs” will are cut in half and cream is be inserted. Topping these pastries off with a bit of powdered sugar also adds a certain pizzazz!
If you’d wish to celebrate Cream Puff Day as it was meant to be celebrated, try baking your own cream puffs! Try this simple recipe:
Ingredients for the puffs:
1 cup of butter
2 Cup of water
1/2 tsp. ffine sea salt
2 cups flour
8 Eggs.
Ingredients for cream:
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. Fine Sea Salt
6 cups milk
6 egg yolks
4 tbs butter
4 tsp. vanilla
1 cup heavy whipping cream
First, make the dough. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Bring butter, water and salt to a boil. Add the flour to the boiling liquid all at once and stir until a ball forms. Then, place dough by spoonfuls on a greased and floured baking sheet and bake for 40 minutes at 400 degrees.
Then, make the cream. In a medium sauce pan, mix your sugar, flour and salt with a whisk. Gradually add the milk and mix well. In a separate bowl, you should whisk egg yolks and add to the pan and bring mixture to a boil over medium high heat, stirring constantly until mixture becomes thick and has the consistency of pudding.
Then, take it off the heat and add butter and vanilla to the pan, stirring until well combined and butter is melted. Cool completely. Lastly, take a ½ cup of heavy whipping cream, whip it until soft peaks form and gently fold the whipped cream into the custard mixture. Place into a piping bag to be used in the cream puffs.

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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) Talk intended to charm or beguile.
Usage:Then she would pounce upon me with a lot of that drivelling poodle palaver and kiss me on the nose-but what could I do?

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Water Music

In 1712, George Frideric Handel took up permanent residence in England, leaving his employer—the elector of Hanover—behind in Germany. Two years later, the elector of Hanover became George I of England. When the king requested music for royal festivities, Handel wrote Water Music, allegedly to regain the king's favor.Water Music debuted on a barge accompanying the king down the River Thames in 1717. 

Benjamin Franklin's Birthday

Born in Boston on this day in 1706, Benjamin Franklin helped edit, and was a signer of, the Declaration of Independence. He also helped to frame theConstitution. When he died in 1790 in Philadelphia, he was given the most impressive funeral that city had ever seen: 20,000 people attended. In Philadelphia, the Franklin Institute Science Museum holds a two-day "birthday bash" that often involves people dressing as Franklin. 

Muhammad Ali

The self-proclaimed "greatest of all time," Ali is celebrated as much for his flamboyant manner, colorful boasts, and doggerel verse—"float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"—as for his boxing prowess. He beat the best fighters of his day and won the world heavyweight title a record three times, once after being stripped of it for refusing induction into the US Army during the Vietnam War on religious grounds.

US Gun Suicides Outnumber Homicides

According to a new study, gun suicides are far more common in the US than the gun homicides that tend to dominate news coverage. The findings, published in theAnnual Review of Public Health, show that, over the past decade, an average of 50 Americans a day have died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. While the research highlights that young black men are at a much higher risk of dying from firearm violence, it revealed that a different group suffers the most gun deaths—middle-aged white men. In that demographic, 90 percent of the gun deaths are suicides
Inline image
1773 - Captain Cook's Resolution became the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle. 

Inline image
1806 - James Madison Randolph, grandson of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, was the first child born in the White House.

1912 - English explorer Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole. Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by one month. Scott and his party died during the return trip.

1928 - The fully automatic, film-developing machine was patented by A.M. Josepho.

1945 - Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg disappeared in Hungary while in Soviet custody. Wallenberg was credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews. 

1985 - Leonard Nimoy got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1997 - A court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the Roman Catholic country's history.

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If You Were Born Today, January 17

You have a lucky streak, or at least a strong sense that you have a guardian angel in life. You have a penchant for investigation and research and love a good mystery. You thoroughly enjoy giving gifts and/or introducing people to new ideas or things. You can be stubborn and determined, and your managerial sense is strong. Ambitious and goal-oriented, you are headed for success. Famous people born today: Eartha Kitt, Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Benjamin Franklin, Kid Rock, Andy Kaufman, James Earl Jones, Michelle Obama, Betty White, Al Capone.


Associate veterinarian Meredith Clancy (L) collects mucus samples from Nola, a 40-year-old northern white rhino, as keepers Kim Millspaugh and Mike Veale(R) look on during a veterinary exam at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California. Nola, one of just five northern white rhinoceros left in the world, appeared to be responding to treatment of an unidentified bacterial infection that has veterinarians worried for a subspecies limping toward extinction, San Diego Zoo Safari Park said
Associate veterinarian Meredith Clancy (L) collects mucus samples from Nola, a 40-year-old northern white rhino, as keepers Kim Millspaugh and Mike Veale(R) look on during a veterinary exam at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California. Nola, one of just five northern white rhinoceros left in the world, appeared to be responding to treatment of an unidentified bacterial infection that has veterinarians worried for a subspecies limping toward extinction, San Diego Zoo Safari Park said.

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Sunset Tiles pattern by Robbyn Kenyon
Triangular entrelac Shawl in one main color and two contrast colors. Knit on garter stitch border with contrast color crocheted edging.
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Zombie Kitty pattern by cheezombie
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Mikkel's Piano Scarf pattern by Anne Abrahamsen
My son, Mikkel, wanted a scarf and he wanted it to be an exact copy of a real piano keyboard with 88 keys. Every key had to have the real size.
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Potter Craft News - Beachcombing Pillows from Inspired C...
Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis Drawing inspiration from nature and life, Fiona Ellis has created 20 striking patterns for beautiful cable knits.
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crochet (must sign in)

Amigurumi Black Cat Door Stopper

Image of Amigurumi Black Cat Door Stopper
Over 6,000 Free Patterns on
Discover over 800 yarns and 6,000 free knit, crochet, and craft patterns on Discover the perfect pattern for you.
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Chicken Drumstick pattern by Crochetqueen
hook it! add to faves to queue About this pattern Chicken Drumstick by Crochetqueen average rating of 3.5 from 2 votes average difficulty from 2 users 11 p...
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Zebra Slippers pattern by Jennifer Down Under
Really cute and easy to make.
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Authentic Swedish Meatballs - The Gracious Wife
These Authentic Swedish Meatballs are a real Swedish family recipes. They're soft and delicious and make a great dinner or appetizer.
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"Lines Across": Make Your Own Mini Notebooks
This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #Sta...
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'hello' in Malayam: Vanakkam

Zigzag Squares by Mark Grenier, via ShutterStock  optical illusion,art,illustration,motion,illusion,squares,zigzag,fun, novelty,

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Most Famous Lighthouses In The World

Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, Argentina – Also known as the ‘the lighthouse at the end of the world’, this lighthouse is located on a small island 5 nmi (which are 9.3 km) east to the Argentinian city of Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. The lighthouse was built in 1920 and is now a popular tourists attraction and can be reached only by boat
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, Argentina

Sambro Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, Canada –  Located on an island near the community of Sambro in Nova Scotia, Canada, this lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in North America. It first lit in 1758 and it became automated in 1988. The lighthouse is 82 ft (25 m) tall
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Sambro Island Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras Light, North Carolina, United States – Located on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks, this lighthouse was first built in 1802. The current 210 feet (64 m) high lighthouse was built in 1950  and is tallest brick lighthouse in the United States. It is still activated today
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Cape Hatteras Light, North Carolina

Peggys Point Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, Canada –  Peggys Point or Peggys Cove lighthouse is a famous and iconic Canadian monument. First lit in 1915, the lighthouse today is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Nova Scotia and the focal point of the Lighthouse Trail scenic drive
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Peggys Point Lighthouse

Kullen Lighthouse, Sweden – Located atop a hill, in south-west coast of Sweden, this lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks in Sweden and perhaps Scandinavia
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Kullen Lighthouse, Sweden

Tower of Hercules, Spain - An ancient Roman lighthouse 2.4 km (1.5 mi) from the city of Corunna, in north-western Spain. This ancient lighthouse is 55 metres (180 ft) tall and almost 1900 years old. It was rehabilitated in 1791. The Tower of Hercules is the oldest Roman lighthouse in use today. It is a National Monument of Spain, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Tower of Hercules, Spain

Slettnes Lighthouse, Norway – The northernmost lighthouse on the European mainland, most often considered the North Cape Light, marking the “top” of Europe. The lighthouse first lit in 1905, heavily damaged during the second world war by German troops, and was restored after the war
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Slettnes Lighthouse, Norway

Kõpu Lighthouse, Estonia – This ancient lighthouse is located on the island of Hiiumaa in Estonia. It is the third oldest operating lighthouse in the world, having been in continuous use since 1531
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Kõpu Lighthouse, Estonia

Bell Rock Lighthouse, Scotland – The world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse was built on the Bell Rock, 11 miles (18 km) from the shoreline!  First lit in 1811, it stands 35 metres (115 ft) tall and its light is visible from 35 statute miles (56 km) inland. The challenges faced in the building of the lighthouse have led to it being described as one of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World
Bell Rock Lighthouse, Scotland

Jeddah Light, Saudi Arabia – This huge lighthouse was built as late as 1990. It reaches a height of 436 feet (133 m) which makes it the world’s tallest lighthouse
Most Famous Lighthouses In The World: Jeddah Light, Saudi Arabia

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Morning Mug is absolutely cute and a great gift idea!!!

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