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JAN 7, 2015

World Braille Day celebrates the birth of Louis Braille, inventor of the reading and writing system used by millions of blind and partially sighted people all over the globe. Though not a public holiday in any country, World Braille Day provides an opportunity for teachers, charities and non-government organizations to raise awareness about issues facing the blind and the importance of continuing to produce works in Braille, providing the blind with access to the same reading and learning opportunities as the sighted.
In 1829, Louis Braille published his first book about the system he had created, called “Method of Writing Words, Music, and Plain Songs by Means of Dots, for Use by the Blind and Arranged for Them”. The braille system works by representing the alphabet letters (and numbers) in a series of 6 dots paired up in 3 rows. The simplicity of his idea allowed books to start being produced on a large scale in a format that thousands of blind people can read by running their fingertips over the dots. Thanks to this, blind students have the opportunity to be educated alongside their peers as well as read for pleasure just as easily as any seeing person can.
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(adjective) Persevering and constant in effort or application.
Her sedulous efforts to learn French eventually enabled her to become almost 
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Bear, Wolves Thriving in Europe

Large predator species, long considered vulnerable, are now rebounding 
in Europe, according to a new study in the journal Science. Europe has 
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Carnival of Blacks and Whites

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The Paradoxical Illustrations Of Naolito
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Breaking down Liberty's employee initiative
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Creative Ways to Use Egg Cartons

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