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World Asthma Day MAY 5, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day is an initiative begun in 1998 by the Global Initiative for Asthma, which is an organisation that sets medical guidelines for the control of the disease. A theme is selected annually that raises awareness of the causes and effects of this bronchial condition, which affects approximately 235 million people worldwide.
Organised by healthcare workers in over 35 countries, World Asthma Day focuses on educating the public on what research has found to be the most effective ways of controlling and treating asthma. Past themes have included, ‘Reduce the Burden of Asthma.’ It is hoped that through education the number of sufferers will drop significantly.
Based on the current theme, GINA provides educational material that is distributed at the many and varied events held to raise awareness. These include sporting events, but future themes could possibly focus on environmental issues affecting sufferers, or demystifying medical research into asthma.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A chirping or creaking, as of a cricket.
Usage:As night fell, the fritinancy of insects outside their open window grew loud enough to keep them awake.


Kublai Khan Becomes Ruler of the Mongol Empire (1260)

The grandson of Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan was a Mongol emperor who founded China's Yuan Dynasty and became the first Yuan emperor in 1271. In 1279, he completed his grandfather's conquest of China by overthrowing the Sung dynasty. He promoted economic prosperity by rebuilding the Grand Canal, repairing public granaries, extending highways, and encouraging foreign commerce. His magnificent capital at Cambuluc—now Beijing—was visited by several Europeans.

Karl Marx (1818)

Though largely ignored during his lifetime, Marx was perhaps one of the most influential figures in history. His ideas, particularly those he expounded in his two most notable works, The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, have become the core intellectual tradition for communism and socialism, and many scholars consider him the founder of economic history and sociology. His philosophy significantly influenced communist thinking for the next century.

Dutch Liberation Day

Liberation Day, or National Day, in the Netherlands celebrates May 5, 1945, the day on which the Nazi forces were driven out of Holland by the Allies. Although the Dutch had succeeded in remaining neutral during World War I, the country was invaded by the Nazis in May 1940 and rapidly overrun. The liberation of Holland in 1945 was an important step toward the subsequent defeat of the Nazis. Many Dutch cities hold special concerts on this day. Special commemorations are held in Amsterdam and around the country on May 5 each year, as well as on May 4, Remembrance Day.

Apple Confirms "TattooGate" Problem is Real

It looks like there is some truth to #Tattoogate. After the Apple Watch was shipped to consumers, some wearers with tattoos covering their wrists complained that the device's heart rate sensor wasn't working properly. 

1809 - Mary Kies was awarded the first patent to go to a woman. It was for technique for weaving straw with silk and thread.

1865 - The Thirteenth Amendment was ratified, abolishing slavery in the U.S. 

1891 - Music Hall was dedicated in New York City. It was later renamed Carnegie Hall. 

1904 - The third perfect game of the major leagues was thrown by Cy Young (Boston Red Sox) against the Philadelphia Athletics. It was the first perfect game under modern rules. 

1917 - Eugene Jacques Bullard becomes the first African-American aviator when he earned his flying certificate with the French Air Service. 

1925 - John T. Scopes, a biology teacher in Dayton, TN, was arrested for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution. 

1961 - Alan Shepard became the first American in space when he made a 15 minute suborbital flight. 

1972 - Paul Simon, Chicago and Carol King performed at a benefit for U.S. Presidential candidate George McGovern. 

1999 - Garth Brooks was named artist of the decade at the 34 annual Academy of Country Music Awards. 

Born Yesterday, 1929


Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Kathleen Ruston in Belgium) 
(May 4, 1929 – January 20, 1993)

Hepburn was active during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She starred in
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961) and received a Golden Globe Award for
her performance in “Roman 
Holiday” (1953). She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third greatest female screen legend in the
history of 
American cinema and has been placed in the national Best
Dressed List
 Hall of Fame. In 1993, she received a Screen Actors Guild
Life Achievement Award.

Recorded, 1956

gene_vincent_bebop_alula_large (1)
The song “Be-Bop-A-Lula” was released in June 1956 on Capitol Records’
single F3450, and immediately sold well. The song was successful on three
singles charts: it peaked at #7 on the Billboard pop music chart, #8 on the
R&B chart, and also made the top ten on the C&W Best Seller chart peaking
at #5.

81, This Week

Frankie Valli, born Francesco Stephen Castelluccio in
NewarkNew Jersey.
Valli is the front man with the Four Seasons whose hits included
"Big Girls Don’t Cry" and "Sherry." He was inducted into the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame with the Four Seasons. He has had twenty-
nine top forty hits. He worked as a barber until his singing career
was enough to support him. 


If You Were Born Today, May 5

Determined and often stubborn, you have ambition and can work hard for what you want. You are multi-talented and somewhat restless. While you value stability, you crave stimulation and create new challenges for yourself to reach, which keeps your life in a state of flux. You are a good conversationalist, quite amorous, and especially attractive and magnetic. Famous people born today: Karl Marx, Tammy Wynette, Tyrone Power, Chris Brown, James Beard.

Picture of the day
Heath fritillary
The heath fritillary (Melitaea athalia) is a species of butterflyin the family Nymphalidae, which can be found in heathland, grassland, and coppicedwoodlands throughout thePalaearctic. They typically fly close to the ground, though they are generally sedentary and will rarely fly further than 100 metres (330 ft) at a time.

Picture of a robber fly, South Africa

Robber at Rest

Photograph by Mervin Pearce, National Geographic 
A robber fly saved from a pool rests on the tip of a bottlebrush flower in Boksburg, South Africa. Using post-processing software, Mervin Pearce created a composite image consisting of multiple shots of the fly stacked on top of each other.

Cloud pattern by mwater designs
Snowball by Lincraft Bulky / 12 ply 100% Polyester 73 yards / 100 grams average rating from 18 votes 79 projects, stashed 82 times
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Global Warming pattern by Suvi Simola
New revised version now available. Better layout and wording.
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Cable Braided Necklace pattern by Olga Buraya-Kefelian
Something last minute that you can make for either a gift or for yourself! It’s been cool, so having that tiny bit of precious cashmere caressing your neck cer...
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Betsy's Goose pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner
Betsy’s Goose is a realistic looking Canada Goose, with instructions also provided for a slightly rounder white goose. Made in one piece and knit in the roun...
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Creamy CrockPot Vegetables Recipe

I was playing around with ingredients-on-hand last week and attempted to make a creamy vegetable side dish that didn't involve making a roux on the stove. This worked! Since I didn't put in any flour I didn't get any weird dots all over the food, and the cheese and spices worked nicely together to make a creamy, smokey flavor.

The Ingredients.

--12 oz fresh broccoli
--16 oz fresh green beans
--1/4 cup sour cream
--1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
--1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese
--2 T butter
--1/2 t black pepper
--1/2 t garam masala (my new favorite spice!)
--2 whole jalapeno peppers (don't chop them up, just lay them nicely on top)
--2 T water

The Directions.

Wash and trim your vegetables, put into crockpot.

cover them with the sour cream, cheeses, butter, spices, and add your touch of water.

I didn't stir any of this---I was rushing to get it on and out the door and I was a bit worried about breaking up the broccoli florets.

Cook on low for 4-5 hours. This cooked for 4.5, and the vegetables still held shape and weren't overly-soggy. If I was home, I probably would have stopped cooking time right at 4 hours, though.

The Verdict.

I brought this over to a friends house, and we enjoyed the flavors. I wasn't paying attention to the kids, so I don't think they ate any of it. I was concerned a bit about the lack of moisture in the pot, but they did cook and the peppers plumped up nicely and added just a touch of smokey-spice to the other vegetables.

 Make your kitchen happier with these washi tape spatulas. Today, com ... Rule number one of spring re-decorating: Washi tape (relatively inexpensive, colorful, cheerful, easy to use) is your new best friend.  



Craftiments:  Nature Weaving Craft

To begin, collect sticks for your loom. 1/4 to 3/4 inch diameter sticks will work well for this craft. The length will depend on the size and shape of the loom you plan to make.
collect sticks for your loom

Lash the sticks together with yarn to create the base of your loom.
lash sticks together with yarn

Pull tight as you wrap the yarn in a criss-cross fashion around the two sticks, then tie it off at the back.
lash sticks together with yarn

Make the loom any size or shape you want.... you can make a rectangle
rectangle shaped loom

or maybe a triangle....  you can get really crazy and make a trapezoid or even a hexagon!
triangle shaped loom

Tie a piece of yarn around one of the corners and begin wrapping it around the loom. 
wrap yarn around the loom

Wrapping it around the stick twice will help keep the yarn taught and prevent it from sliding on the sticks.
wrap yarn around loom

Tie the yarn off on one of the corners when you reach the other side of the loom.
finished loom

Get creative with your loom.  Use colorful yarn or ribbon, string beads along the yarn as you wrap it, or paint the sticks with a fun design!
finished loom of different shapes and sizes

Time to decorate your loom!  Go on a nature walk in your backyard, neighborhood, or the park. Collect interesting grasses, flowers, leaves, seed pods, nuts, and pieces of bark that you find on the ground.  If you are lucky, you may even find a feather. 

treasures collected on a nature walk

Weave your treasures through the strings of the loom.  You can make a pattern or go will-nilly, it's up to you.
weaving the loom
weaving the loom

All done!  These nature looms look especially pretty when displayed in a window. And you can redecorate them anytime you please.... imagine how beautiful they will look weaved with colorful autumn leaves.     

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. - Martin Luther King, Jr.





About a year ago, Noah, the middle of three brothers, found a baby Magpie bird on the ground and brought her home.
They named her “Penguin”  and learned to take care of her. In return, the bird became part of their family!
Just hanging around about the house.
Just hanging around about the house.
Penguin became a celebrity online. People were amazed by the photos that showed how comfortable the feral bird had become with the family. Penguin currently has more than 67,000 followers on Instagram!


“It’s like a dog wagging its tail—She sits there in the tree and flaps her wings like she’s excited”
The bird hangs out and plays. Penguin likes perching near – or on – her human friends. The bird will lie on her back like a dog, and flies from person to person if they are playing catch!


How To Say Coffee in Greek: καφέ


20 Practical Tricks Which Will Make Your Life Easier


Photographs That Capture Some Truly Weird Moments in history

Someone testing his football helmet
via: distractify.com

 First three places in the miss perfect posture competition.
Source: Reddit

Russian troops feeding polar bears

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A dog is posing with a pipe
via: reddit.com

A foot guard cannot contain himself while the queen passes by

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Strolling the streets on an electric scooter
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The dismantling of an ancient statue of ramses the great

via: distractify.com

A little Jamaican girl asks Sean Connery to sign…
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A police officer is judging in the perfect ankle competition
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A child poses for a picture next to his pet boar
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 A group of four teachers having a holiday drink
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