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Gardening Exercise Day JUNE 6, 2015

DIANE'S CORNER .. Celebrate Gardening Exercise Day

Research indicates that Gardening Exercise Day originates with gardening clubs and groups. It is a day when people are encouraged to get off the couch, head out into the garden, and tend their patches. Not only does this help ensure that the garden looks good, but it also offers a healthy means of getting some exercise, while enjoying the benefits that fresh air can bring.
To enjoy Gardening Exercise Day, all that is really required is to head out and water the plants, mow the lawn, and do some weeding, but more active people may choose to increase the intensity of their gardening efforts to really reap the rewards of exercise. Participants can consider using hand tools instead of electric and power tools, squatting instead of sitting, and bending from the back to limber the body up. Regardless of the type of exercise, any additional exercise will help the body, and being outside will mean a healthy and natural intake of vitamin D.

Word of the Day


Definition:(verb) To award compensation for; make a return for.
Usage:I wish to recompense you for the time and money that you spent while helping my sister find her lost dog.


First Drive-In Theater Opens in New Jersey (1933)

The drive-in theater was the creation of New Jersey chemical company magnate Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. In 1932, Hollingshead nailed a screen to trees in his backyard and set a projector on the hood of his car. After applying for a patent for his creation, Hollingshead opened the first drive-in the next year. Though it only operated for three years, the concept soon caught on in other states.

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (1799)

Among the giants of Russian literature, Pushkin was a poet and writer whose masterpieces include the poem The Bronze Horseman, the drama The Stone Guest, and his verse novel Eugene Onegin, which contains witty descriptions of 19th-century Russian society. Pushkin established the modern poetic language of Russia, using Russian history for the basis of many works, but his career was cut short when he died after a duel with a young Frenchman.

South Korea Memorial Day

South Korea (officially the Republic of Korea) has designated June 6 as a national holiday to honor soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives for their country during the Korean War, 1950-1953. The main ceremony of remembrance is held at the National Cemetery in the capital city, Seoul. Throughout the country, officials and citizens pray and lay flowers at the graves of the war dead. Citizens display the flag of South Korea, which is called Tae-guk-gi, on the front doors of their homes to commemorate the civilians and soldiers who died in war.

Seven New Mini-Frogs Found-Among Smallest Known

Good things came in small packages for a team of scientists who recently discovered seven new species of tiny frogs in Brazil's Atlantic rain forest. The new species belong to the genus Brachycephalus, a group of frogs known for their minuscule size and bright colors. 

1833 - Andrew Jackson became the first U.S. president to ride in a train. It was a B&O passenger train. 

1882 - The first electric iron was patented by H.W. Seely.

1925 - Chrysler Corporation was founded by Walter Percy Chrysler. 

1942 - The first nylon parachute jump was made by Adeline Gray in Hartford, CT.

1965The Rolling Stones single "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" was released in the U.S.

1968U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy died at 1:44 am in Los Angeles after being shot by Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy was was shot the evening before while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

1971 - "The Ed Sullivan Show" aired for the last time. It was canceled after 23 years on the air. Gladys Knight and the Pips were the musical guests on show.


If You Were Born Today, June 6

You are playful, sweet, and charming, and can be very skilled at selling pretty much anything! You have a great love of beauty and pleasure, and while you can be fickle, you're not irresponsible either. You love telling stories and sharing jokes. Personal freedom is essential in your relations, and you have a very progressive view of relationships in general. Famous people born today: Sandra Bernhard, Thomas Mann, Bjorn Borg, Amanda Pays.

Picture of the day
Into the Jaws of Death
Into the Jaws of Death is a historic photograph taken on June 6, 1944, by Robert F. Sargent, a chief photographer's mate in the United States Coast Guard. It depicts U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division soldiers disembarking from an LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) from the U.S. Coast Guard-manned USS Samuel Chase at Omaha Beachduring the Normandy Landings in World War II. The photograph became one of the most commonly reproduced images of the landing.

Picture of cherry blossoms at the Kyoto Imperial Palace in Japan

Imperial Blossoms

Photograph by Yukio Miki
A weeping cherry tree blooms on the grounds of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Japan. The trees typically bloom in late March and early April. “It is like an old Japanese painting, and you should not miss [it],” writes photographer Yukio Miki.

knit (4)
Puff Stitch Halter Dress | Jessie At Home
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Summer Breeze pattern by Dana Berry
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Cheese Royale



Tomato and Strawberry Pincushion pattern by Kara Lyon
This a crochet version of the old classic tomato and strawberry pincushion my mom used to have on her sewing table.
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RECIPE  (diabetic)

bond girl #1 .. ursala andress

stephanie o'dea

CrockPot Stuffed and Baked Apple Recipe

This is an easy and delicious dessert or afternoon snack. I decided to omit butter and just stew the apples in their own juice, some brown sugar, and a bit of water. None of us missed the butter, which is great, and really lightens up having an apple dessert.

The Ingredients.
--the right amount of apples to fit inside your crockpot. I used my 6 qt oval Smart Pot and fit in 3 Fuji apples and 2 tiny little red guys.

--1/3 cup brown sugar (if you are using more or less apples, use approx 1/2 T per apple)
--1/2 cup raisins
--1/2 cup dried cranberries
--1/2 cup walnut halves or pieces
--2 t vanilla
--1/2 cup water

The Directions.

put the 1/2 cup of water into the bottom of your crockpot, and swirl in the vanilla. Wash and core your apples---core out a bit extra, so you have room to stuff. Put the apples into the bottom of the crock, on top of the vanilla water. Stuff the apples with the toppings, and shove a bit of brown sugar into each core. You are going to have more brown sugar and toppings than will fit inside of the apples, so heap the extra toppings and sugar on top of the apples.

Cover and cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 6-7. The apples are done when they have reached the desired tenderness for you and your family.

I cooked ours on high for exactly 4 hours. The apples still had their shape, and were tender enough to cut with 2 spoons, but the halves also were able to be picked up and munched on (really sticky this way).

The Verdict.

I served these as an after school snack, and everyone was happy. I'm tempted to try them again with either a bit of sweetened condensed milk poured over the top, or one of those chewy caramel candies pushed down the center. I'd also like to try them with Granny Smith apples---we had the red ones in the house, but if I was going to the store specifically for baking apples, I'd gravitate towards the Granny Smiths.


click the last symbol that's added to the screen to progress to the next level. see if you can remember all 100 symbols. this morning, i got 25 points. how many can you remember?

Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. - George Orwell

Californians Are Painting Their Lawns Green to Save Water During Record Drought

By Sumitra 
California residents have come up with an innovative solution to brighten up their dry lawns, in the midst of their fourth year of drought: they’re painting their lawns green! The extreme measure became popular after statewide water restrictions were announced for the first time in history, in order to combat one of the region’s most devastating droughts.
The restriction leave average Californians with virtually no water for their lawns, but that hasn’t stopped them from wanting to keep their front and back yards looking green. Lots of them are now turning to lawn painting, which is a whole lot cheaper than artificial turf, at 25 cents per square foot. The service was once limited to athletic fields and golf courses, but is now being sought out homeowners, hoteliers, and wedding planners, among others.
The green dye is apparently plant based and completely harmless to humans and animals. It’s also water resistant, although no one would mind if a little rain were to wash it away. The effect lasts for about three months, after which the lawn has to be spray painted again.


"Good Morning" in Cantonese (China) -  Jo san

Wear your belt a variety of ways as a fashion statement.

Give Your Garden A Calcium Boost
20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas

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