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Lame Duck Day February 6, 2017

DIANE'S CORNER ... Celebrate Lame Duck Day
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Even a lame-duck president can be affected by a clear midterm message if he wants to see his vice president elected and preserve his historical legacy. 
– Noah Feldman
We’ve all heard someone referred to as a Lame Duck, but the original meaning of this phrase is often lost. Lame Duck is a term used to describe an elected official who is no longer responsible to his constituency, usually due to the fact that he’s on his way out of office and reelection is no longer a possibility.
Lame Duck Day celebrates the ratification of the 20th amendment of the United States, an amendment added to shorten the time that the President, Senators, and Representatives spent in office after an election. During this time, especially if the representative was not reelected or is no longer eligible for reelection, they no longer have to concern themselves with the desires of their constituency. While this only happens during certain small sections of time, significant decisions have been made during this period. What kinds of things? Homeland Security is one of the biggest results of a lame duck congress meeting, but there have also been wars started and a president impeached, all under the auspices of a lame-duck session.
Where did the term come from? In the 1700’s a Lame-Duck was used to describe those stock brokers who had gauged their investments badly and could no longer pay off their debts. Later, it was extended to include unethical business-men who would find themselves bankrupted, and continue to do business anyway, even though they had no money to pay employees or suppliers. The term has now been extended to include the representatives listed above, and to describe those sessions where the people in session are no longer beholden to those people who elected them.
Lame Duck Day is best celebrated by researching the history of those people you support politically, and find out just how accountable they really are to their constituents. Have they consistently voted their conscience in the past, have they worked to promote the things they were elected to support? It is especially important to pay attention to that period following a re-election, a choice to retire, or when their office has been eliminated, it’s this time period where they will most clearly show their true colors. If they remained true to their principles during this time period (their professed principles), odds are good that they’ll stay true to their constituents when the hammer comes down.

Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) A state of commotion and noise and confusion.
Usage:The crowd at the fair was noisy and rowdy, and in the midst of the garboil, I lost sight of my sister.
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Idiom of the Day

Humpty Dumptyism

 — The act or practice of misusing or misinterpreting a word, phrase, or article of text to suit one's own meaning or purpose. Taken from the character Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, who states, "When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean."

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Treaty of Waitangi Establishes New Zealand as a British Colony (1840)

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Though considered the founding document of New Zealand as a nation, the Treaty of Waitangi has been the subject of much debate since it was signed by representatives of the British crown and Maori chiefs in 1840. It gave Britain control of New Zealand while recognizing the native inhabitants' land rights. However, the English and Maori texts differed, leading to many controversies over its stipulations. 

Aaron Burr (1756)

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Before he shot and mortally wounded Alexander Hamilton in the famous duel, Burr was a well-regarded lawyer and politician, having served in the American Revolution and held various offices, including that of senator. But after Hamilton used his influence to thwart more than one of his political aspirations, Burr—then vice president—challenged him to a duel and won. 

Sapporo Snow Festival (Yuki Matsuri)

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This exuberant celebration of snow and ice has been held since 1950 in Sapporo, the capital city Hokkaido. The week's activities feature a colorful parade and competitive events in winter sports, as well as a display of colossal snow sculptures along the main street and in Odori Park. The sculptures are spectacular—intricately carved and often several stories high. About three weeks before the festival, a wooden frame is built and packed with snow; after the snow has hardened the frame is removed and the carving begins. A different theme is chosen each year for the sculptures. 

Signatures of Earthly Life May Be Etched in Moon Rock

The Earth may be leaving its mark on the moon in more ways than previously thought.
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Image result for 1788 - Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

1788 - Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. 

Image result for 1843 - "The Virginia Minstrels" opened at the Bowery Amphitheatre in New York City. It was the first minstrel show in America.

1843 - "The Virginia Minstrels" opened at the Bowery Amphitheatre in New York City. It was the first minstrel show in America. 

Image result for 1911 - The first old-age home for pioneers opened in Prescott, AZ.

1911 - The first old-age home for pioneers opened in Prescott, AZ. 

Image result for 1932 - Dog sled racing happened for the first time in Olympic competition.

1932 - Dog sled racing happened for the first time in Olympic competition. 

Image result for 1937 - K. Elizabeth Ohi became the first Japanese woman lawyer

1937 - K. Elizabeth Ohi became the first Japanese woman lawyer when she received her degree from John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL. 

Image result for 1956 - St. Patrick Center the first circular school building in the United States.

1956 - St. Patrick Center opened in Kankakee, IL. It was the first circular school building in the United States. 

Image result for 1971 - NASA Astronaut Alan B. Shepard used a six-iron that he had brought inside his spacecraft and swung at three golf balls on the surface of the moon.

1971 - NASA Astronaut Alan B. Shepard used a six-iron that he had brought inside his spacecraft and swung at three golf balls on the surface of the moon. 

Image result for 1973 - Construction began on the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1973 - Construction began on the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Image result for 1987 -   the oldest U.S. President in history.

1987 - President Ronald Reagan turned 76 years old this day and became the oldest U.S. President in history. 

Image result for 2014 - Jay Leno ends his time on The Tonight Show.

2014 - Jay Leno ends his time on The Tonight Show.


If You Were Born Today, February 6
You are a peace-loving person who is sincerely concerned for others. There is an intuitive and even psychic side to you, and you tend to radiate a calm and appealing manner that readily attracts others. In fact, you are generally considered extremely attractive no matter what you look like, as you radiate a special warmth that is hard to resist. You have strong principles and values, but you can also be quite self-indulgent, although usually unapologetically so. Love and family mean the world to you. Famous people born today: Ronald Raegan, Axl Rose, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bob Marley, Eva Braun, Tom Brokaw, Natalie Cole.

1. Vaughan Celebrates WinterFest!
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Vellore Village Community Centre
1 Villa Royale Avenue
Sunday, February 12, 2017

The fun-filled WinterFest event features FREE outdoor stage entertainment, IceZone, Midway Zone, Horse Drawn Wagon Rides, and more. FREE Pancake Breakfast was hosted in celebration of Vaughan's 25th Anniversary, along with an Official Welcome by Mayor and Members of Council.
Entertainment highlights included: performances by Mini Pop Kids, Bobs & Lolo, magician and illusionist Neil Croswell, Bounce Entertainment, and Doo Doo the International Clown.

further information: 905/832-2281

2Bamboo Bass Festival

   Feb 17-19, 2017

   Jacó, Costa Rica 

Image result for Bamboo Bass Festival Feb 17-19, 2017 | Jacó, Costa Rica
Gathering the Bass Tribes from around the world and bringing them together in Costa Rica. Join us in building an atmosphere of sharing, inclusion, & fun while enjoying international and local bass music, live painting & art exhibits, dance & flow performers in the beautiful jungle.

Tickets and Further Information: Buy tickets to Bamboo Bass Festival 2017 - Bamboo Bass Festival

3.  Arizona Fine Art Expo

   Jan 13 - Mar 26, 2017

   Cactus Ridge Ranch

   26540 N Scottsdale Rd 

   Scottsdale, AZ

This is nothing like a third-grade art class where little kids pick up a paintbrush, slap it around a white piece of construction paper and call it art. The Fine Art Expo in Scottsdale, Arizona, brings nationally recognized artists as well as up-and-coming creatives to showcase their artistic endeavors. While you're browsing every gallery's collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and more, you'll have the opportunity to purchase whatever piece blew your mind the most.


further info: 480-837-7163

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Pictures of the day

Portsmouth Cathedral interior
The nave of the Cathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury in Portsmouth, England. The original building was dedicated in 1188 to the honor of St Thomas of Canterbury, who was assassinated and martyred. This chapel was to become, in turn, a parish church in the 14th century and a cathedral in the 20th century.

An AQI over 100 is considered unhealthy. That day it was 400+

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thanks, Marcy
Scallop Scarf pattern by Bernat Design Studio
Gauge 18 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches in stocking st
Preview by Yahoo

knit, teen - adult
thanks, Connie
Oink a Piggy Hat pattern by Lisa Wilt
Pattern released with sizes Small/Med to fit teen/adult woman and size Med/Large to fir adult/man. Note that larger size has not had extensive testing so p...
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Tissue Sock pattern by Dianna Morgan
Okay, so it doesn’t look like a sock at all. But the two ends of this little tissue case are worked like the toes of knit socks: the cast on edge is like a sock wor...
Preview by Yahoo

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Hearts Desire Doily


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3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Lasagna

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Chocolate Croissant Breakfast Bake
thanks, Heide
serves 10

Chocolate Croissant Breakfast Bake - buttery croissants, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, milk and chocolate. Can assemble and refrigerate overnight. This is incredibly delicious! Can eat for breakfast or dessert. Perfect for Christmas morning!!

This casserole can be made the night before and refrigerated overnight.

  • 1 (10 to 13-oz) package mini croissants, chopped
  • 2 (8-oz) packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1-1/3 cup sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly spray a 9x13-inch pan with cooking spray.

Place croissant pieces in prepared pan. Sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Beat cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla in medium bowl with electric mixer until well blended. Add milk and mix until combined. Pour evenly over croissant pieces.

Let stand 20 minutes or cover and refrigerate overnight.

Bake uncovered for 35 to 40 minutes or until set in center. Serve warm.

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Image result for Cactus Gravel Jigsaw Puzzle
Cactus Gravel Jigsaw Puzzle

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Simple Solutions - Open a Jar Using Duct Tape

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A 250-year-old banyan tree near Kolkata, India, with roots that span 3.5 acres, is larger than the average Wal-Mart Superstore!-------------------- You can walk from North Korea to Norway and only pass through one other country.-------------------- Researchers have discovered that "Sherlock" actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are 16th cousins twice removed! Submitted by Nate Westbury

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More Rare Photos

Alaotra Grebe, a possibly extinct bird
A 1985 picture of a Alaotra Grebe from Madagascar.  It is the only photo ever taken of this species that may or may not be extinct.

"Only known photograph aboard Titanic and also last known photograph. Pictured alongside Lightoller, as they prepare to close the gangway before depature from Queenstown, Ireland on April 11th, 1912. It is also the last known photograph of a Titanic officer on duty.”
The last picture taken of the inside of Titanic as the crew prepare to close the gangplank in 1912.

And Here's The Only Other Known Photo Of Dickinson, Taken In 1847 When She Was A Teenager
Emily Dickinson as a teenager in 1847.

Lincoln, without his hat, a few minutes before he gave The Gettysburg Address in 1863.

The first color photograph taken in 1861.

Taken in 1840, the woman in this picture is Constanze Mozart, the wife of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

File:Frederic Chopin photo.jpeg
The only known photo of Fredric Chopin.

The only known photo of Einstein's Mass-Energy Equivalence formula
The only known photo of Albert Einstein's original E=MC2 formula on his chalkboard

A baby walker from 1905.
The Beatles preparing to cross Abby Road in 1969.

Teddy Roosevelt in 1900 on the election trail, riding a moose through water.

A Coca Cola delivery truck in 1909.

The last known photo of a Bali tiger taken in 1937.
The White House in 1865.
Steve McQueen and James Coburn serve as pallbearers at Bruce Lee's funeral in 1973.
George Orwell holds a puppy during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.  Ernest Hemingway can be seen in the background.

Harry Houdini in 1912 in chains, about to be lowered into the East River.

Ida Fuller of Vermont, the first recipient of monthly payment under Social Security, receiving her first check on January 31, 1940.  Before Social Security, many elderly citizens lived in deplorable poverty
June, 1969 -- The flow over Niagara Falls is stopped for maintenance work.

Louis Armstrong plays for his wife and the Sphinx in 1961

Japanese archers taken between 1860 and 1900.

President Lincoln and General George McClellan in the general's tent near Antietam battlefield October 3, 1862.

Barrels of alcohol about to be burned during prohibition in 1927.

The first passengers on the brand new New York subway in 1904.
Construction of the St. Louis Arch in 1965.

The earliest known aerial photograph, taken from a balloon over Paris in 1858.
Mark Twain in 1883.

Construction of Hoover Dam in 1934.
Six year-old Arthur Conan-Doyle in 1865.
Coney Island in 1905.

What is thought to be the oldest known war photograph: New Hampshire volunteers depart for the Mexican War in 1846.

Dinosaurs are transported on the Hudson River to the 1964 World's Fair.
Construction of the Sydney Opera House in 1966.

Betty White at home with her dog in 1952
The rather luxurious seating area of the submarine, The Protector, in 1902

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