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Autism Awareness Day April 2, 2017

DIANE'S CORNER .... Celebrate World Autism Awareness Day
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World Autism Awareness Day was established on December 18, 2007 by the United Nations. The General Assembly put together resolution 62/139, which consisted of four major elements. The participation of all UN organization and its member states, a dedication to raising awareness of Autism in the general community, and a standing request to the UN Secretary-General to move forth this message to all it the UN member states.
Autism affects approximately 1 out of every 150 children around the world. It is a neural development disorder that affects their ability to socialize normally by impacting their abilities to utilize verbal and non-verbal communication. Since 2012, there has been a 30% increase in the amount of children being affected with autism, and World Autism Awareness Day helps to bring awareness to this growing health concern.
Autism first appears very early on, sometimes manifesting as early as infancy, in other times waiting until later in childhood. The disease progresses steadily without remission, its first symptoms generally appearing around six-months, and being firmly in place by age two or three. Rather than having one distinguishing characteristic, Autism is indicated by the coming together of three separate symptoms. The triad includes difficulty socializing, problems in communication, and a limited number of interests combined with repetitive behavior such as can-stacking.
Autism is no longer classified as a single disorder, but rather an entire spectrum ranging in severity. Autism is the core of all of these syndromes, with its features being prevalent to varying degrees throughout, and includes such disorders such as Rett Syndrome and Childhood disintegrative disorder. One of the most commonly known disorders on the list, outside of Autism itself, is Asperger’s. Asperger Syndrome is signified by the presence of Autism symptoms with no impairment of language development.
Asperger Syndrome often leads to problems with social interaction with their peers. Common body language queues that are picked up on by those not on the Autistic Spectrum are often lost on those who suffer from AS. It is not uncommon among the Asperger community to hear them speak of their frustrations with non-Asperger people, as huge chunks of the conversation just seem utterly lost on them. Things such as tone, context, and sarcasm have to be considered very carefully, as they are not often native to those with AS, and their frustration with communication often stems from this and other social queues.
However, much like anyone on the Autistic spectrum, they will present with areas of intelligence that are much stronger than that of others. These areas tend to be in the reading, language, music, or spatial skills, occasionally manifesting to such a degree that they may fall into the “gifted” range in those areas. This seems to be counterbalanced by significant delays in other areas of development.
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Word of the Day


Definition:(noun) Equipment, such as clothing, tools, or instruments, used for a specific purpose or task.
Usage:He had half expected that she would drive up to the side door in a hansom, would wear a thick veil, and adopt the other appurtenances of a clandestine meeting.

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Idiom of the Day

I take it

 — I imagine this is the case; I presume it to be true (that); it is my understanding (that).

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As the World Turns Premieres (1956)

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Soap operas began in the early 1930s as 15-minute radio episodes and continued in that format when they began appearing on TV in the early 1950s. As the World Turns premiered as the first half-hour TV soap. The show, which primarily focused on two professional families in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois, ran for 54 years and aired nearly 14,000 episodes. For 20 of those years, it was most-watched daytime drama in the US. 

Émile François Zola (1840)

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Zola was the founder of French naturalism, a literary school that maintained that novel-writing should be scientific, appraising reality in terms of natural forces such as heredity or environment. Inspired by his readings in sociology and medicine, he applied his theory in a vast series of novels in which the characters are impartially observed and presented in minute, often sordid, detail. Zola also had an ardent zeal for social reform. 

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International Children's Book Day

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This day, which is observed by countries all over the world, is held on Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, April 2, because the Danish author's stories have been favorites among children of all nationalities. Celebrations include contests in which children illustrate their favorite books. Every two years the International Board on Books for Young People sponsors the Hans Christian Andersen medals, which are awarded to a children's book author and a children's book illustrator for their contributions to children's literature.

A 20-Mile Long 'Spacescraper' Dangling from an Asteroid: Could It Work?

It's a new approach to an old idea. While Jonathan Swift's fantastical island city of Laputa stayed aloft via magnets, a New York City design firm envisions using an orbiting asteroid to hang a skyscraper above the Earth.

A 20-mile long 'spacescraper' dangling from an asteroid: Could it work?

Image result for 1513 - Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sighted Florida. The next day he went ashore.
1513 - Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sighted Florida. The next day he went ashore.

Image result for 1872 - G.B. Brayton received a patent for the gas-powered streetcar.
1872 - G.B. Brayton received a patent for the gas-powered streetcar. 

Image result for 1877 - The first Egg Roll was held on the grounds of the White House in Washington, DC.
1877 - The first Egg Roll was held on the grounds of the White House in Washington, DC

Image result for 1889 - Charles Hall patented aluminum.
1889 - Charles Hall patented aluminum. 

Image result for 1902 - The first motion picture theatre opened in Los Angeles with the name Electric Theatre.
1902 - The first motion picture theatre opened in Los Angeles with the name Electric Theatre. 

Image result for 1905 - The Simplon rail tunnel officially opened. The tunnel went under the Alps and linked Switzerland and Italy.
1905 - The Simplon rail tunnel officially opened. The tunnel went under the Alps and linked Switzerland and Italy. 

Image result for 1935 - Sir Watson-Watt was granted a patent for RADAR.
1935 - Sir Watson-Watt was granted a patent for RADAR. 

Image result for 1958 - The National Advisory Council on Aeronautics was renamed NASA.
1958 - The National Advisory Council on Aeronautics was renamed NASA.

Image result for 1972 - Burt Reynolds appeared nude in "Cosmopolitan" magazine.
1972 - Burt Reynolds appeared nude in "Cosmopolitan" magazine. 

Image result for 1984 - John Thompson became the first black coach to lead his team to the NCAA college basketball championship.
1984 - John Thompson became the first black coach to lead his team to the NCAA college basketball championship. 

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If You Were Born Today, April 2
Security and stability are exceptionally important to you, but that doesn't mean you don't take any risks--they are simply calculated ones. You are highly intuitive and positive, and can articulate yourself well. Often, partnerships bring the most success into your life. However, you often take on more responsibility than others. You are never pretentious, answering to your own inner voice and inspiration. Famous people born today: Hans Christian Anderson, Marvin Gaye, Emmylou Harris, Michael Fassbender.
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Ever Thought of Publishing Your Patterns?

Pattern A Day wants original knitting or crochet pattern submissions for the Pattern-A-Day Calendar. If you would like to showcase your knitting or crochet designs in the 2017 edition of the Knitting Calendar™ or the Crochet Calendar™

Due: before October 15th

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Pennsylvania Maple Festival

Mar 25 - Apr 2, 2017 | 

120 Meyers Ave 

Meyersdale, PA

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It’s time to tap into Meyersdale’s full potential at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival. Not only will you get to treat your taste buds to pure maple syrup, you’ll get to feast on stacks of pancakes after learning the extensive maple syrup-making process. In addition, there’s live music entertainment to kick back to, several maple products to sample and a country store that’s chock-full of homemade products to take home with you.

Admission to Festival Park and the Quilt Show is $5.00 Adults,
$1.00 Children 5-12 & Students; Free for Children 5 and under.

Parking is available throughout the town of Meyersdale.
Food concessions are available inside Festival Park, along Main and Center streets.
Restaurants and some churches and service organizations also provide meals.


Long Island Antiquarian Book & Paper Fair

Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3
LIU Post B. Davis Schwartz Library.
720 Northern Blvd Greenvale, NY
Image result for Long Island Antiquarian Book & Paper Fair Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3 LIU Post B. Davis Schwartz Library. 720 Northern Blvd Greenvale, NY
Held in Brookville, New York, the Long Island Antiquarian Book & Paper Fair invites vendors of rare books to showcase their collections in a two-day event. Guests can peruse a wide range of displays featuring items such as postcards, books, magazines and prints. Additionally, this interactive fair provides attendees with the opportunity to speak directly with vendors to discuss their individual collections and ask any questions they may have.
Saturday hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking is free. Admission is $7 ($1 off with any ad or notice). LIU Post students and faculty admitted free. Children under 14 admitted free. 

For more information, call 516 516-627 8688.
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Pictures of the day

Melchior d'Hondecoeter
De Menagerie, an oil painting on canvas completed by Melchior d'Hondecoeter c. 1690. During his career, the artist focused on paintings of animals, particularly birds. In the painting here, d'Hondecoeter presents a multitude of animals from various continents, including squirrel monkeys from Central America, sulphur-crested cockatoos from Australia, a grey parrot from Africa, and a purple-naped lory from the East Indies.

A herd of mountain goats huddle together on top of Mount Evans, Colorado during a lightning storm.

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RECIPE - gluten free

thanks, Carol

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Chocolate Cherry Mousse Recipe


thanks, Zoey

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Fish Four Jigsaw Puzzle

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Every minute, 60 hours' worth of video content is published on YouTube!------------------ From July to November, Colombia's Cano Cristales River transforms into a liquid rainbow thanks to a unique species of plant that lines the river floor called macarenia clavigera.-------------------- The three-toed sloth is able to rotate its head 270 degrees!-------------------- In 1967, Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt mysteriously disappeared after going for a swim at the beach...

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Easter - where's the egg?


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1. Get more exercise... unless it involves physical activity.
German shepherd dog on couch in pushup position.

2. Read more books. Okay, maybe try audiobooks.
Cocker spaniel asleep on open book.

3. Save money. Like, in a bank.
Pit bull next to chewed up twenty dollar bill.

4. Watch less television. Netflix doesn't count, does it?

Dog slumped on couch.
5. Stop procrastinating. Those bones won't chew themselves!
Puppy laying on couch on its back.

6. Eat healthier. If you put ketchup on it, it's technically a vegetable, right?

Golden retriever sticking its head out of car window at drive-thru.

7. Meet new people, unless those people are scary, in which case go hide in the bathtub.

Pug on its hind legs hiding behind door frame.

8. Quit smoking. Your breath smells gross anyway.

Husky puppy posed with cigarettes and lighter.

9. Spend less time on Facebook, but update your status real quickly so everyone knows that you're spending less time on Facebook.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on couch looking at laptop.

10. Be more adventurous, as long as you can do it safely, from the comfort of your own home.

Pug puppy held aloft by straps on canine life vest.

11. Learn to manage stress. DO IT. MANAGE YOUR STRESS. RIGHT NOW!

Dog looking dubiously at owner holding "Stressometer" card.

12. Get organized by buying a bunch of fancy Swedish-designed storage solutions that you'll never use.

Dalmatian puppy in front of scattered mess of newspapers.

13. Cut back on drinking, and then having a couple drinks to celebrate how well you're doing.

Dog sleeping on its back surrounded by beer cans.

14. Lose weight - or celebrate your natural curves, which is way easier.

Chubby pug looking at its fat rolls.

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